Sunday, June 28, 2015

Baptism!! Mismatched Shoes, Performing, and One Intense Bible Bash

Hi everyone!!
Well, this week has been very full!!  We had a double baptism: two brothers that we have been teaching got baptized together.  Jared (11) and Jacob (9) are so stinking adorable, and I've basically fallen in love with them.  

Their baptism was really cool.  It started out kind of stressful, becasue they were very late (Filipino time, you know).  Us sisters had been told the day before that we would be singing, so the four of us (me and Sister Gasu, Sister Latham, and Sister Pakalani) sang "I Feel My Savior's Love."  We sounded pretty good, if I do say so myself haha.  After the baptism, Roncel, one of the ward missionaries who works with us all the time, 

had his farewell party.  He's entering the MTC this week, so we were asked to sing again at the party-thing in the cultural hall.  We did a quick practice and sang "Ye Elders of Israel."  It was a lot of fun, and being able to have that baptism was amazing.
We got mail this week!!  I got a couple of letters, and a package from my mom that had all sorts of fun stuff in it.  The district leader forgot the mail last district meeting (which might have been slightly dangerous for his health), so he met us at the chapel with our orders and our mail.  And I might have done a teeny happy dance when I saw my mail lol.

The sisters from the other ward were over at our house a couple of evenings this week because their water had been turned off, and they needed our shower.  It was fun to hang out with them a little before they went home (even thought not having any water would really suck).  But me and another of the sisters accidentally swapped shoes!!  We both had black rubber shoes that were similar in style and size, so she took one of mine, and I ended up wearing one of hers.  I didn't realize until halfway through the next day that my shoes were mismatched!!  Oops.  Well, it happens.

We taught a lesson this week that started out pretty good, but then just got intense.  We contacted a guy that we had invited to be taught before, and he ended up having some friends with him.  We were happy to teach them, and we started like we typically do--we sang a hymn, said a prayer, and started to introduce the church and start talking about the Restoration.  Welp, we were only in a couple of minutes before one of the guys started quoting Bible verses at us to try to contradict us and prove him right.  I think he was only in his early twenties (if that), but I think he had about half the Bible memorized.  Sister Gasu knows her Bible a lot better than I do, and because this really is God's true church, there were plenty of Bible verses that supported our message.  The problem was is that right when we were testifying and starting to feel the Spirit witnessing of the truth, this guy would start in again and the Spirit would be gone.  The others seemed kind of receptive, but he just wanted to Bible bash.  We ended up being in that lesson for over an hour.  Come to find out, they're kind of missionaries for their church.  So they called us on Sunday and invited us to attend church there.  It felt a little bit backwards haha.  But, we know that what we have is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and actually when he was talking to us about all the scriptures that prove his point right, I could just feel the Spirit testifying to me that this is the truth, and that what we have is so important.  I am so very grateful for the gospel in my life :)
Psalms 23:1  "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want."  The Lord is my guide, and when I am doing my best to follow in His footsteps, everything will be taken care of.
I saw this quote on a tshirt this week, and loved it.  "Happiness is not a destination to arrive at, but a manner of traveling."  When we take one day at a time, and just enjoy the journey, life is so absolutely amazing.  Especially life as a missionary--it pretty much rocks XD
Mahal ko kayo!!
Sister Pectol

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