Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome to the Philippines!!

Well, I'm finally here in the heat and humidity!!  It only took about 21 hours of flying plus layovers, but whatever XD
I was able to call home from the airport, which was amazing!!  It was so good to hear everyone's voice!!  I will admit though, I was a total baby about it.  I thought I would be just fine, but when I heard my family's voices, I just lost it.  People must have wondered what was going on--an exhausted girl sobbing while she's talking on a payphone.  But, it was fun.  We managed to sleep according to the schedule here in Manila, so it hasn't been too much of an adjustment.  On the way from Tokyo to Manila, we rode in a GIGANTIC plane.  It was one of those double deckers, and it was huge.  So that was definitely an interesting experience.  I wanted to stay up and talk and be a missionary at least a little bit, but I was so tired I basically passed out for most of the plane ride.  I managed to give away a pass along card on the plane to the guy sitting next to me, but I'm pretty sure he took it just out of pity.  But, I passed it along, so I think that's being successful.
The bus ride from the airport to the MTC was probably the closest near-death experience I've ever had.  So, in the Philippines, there isn't really such a thing as lanes.  If the car fits, people drive.  So, that actually was a lot of fun.  I wouldn't enjoy driving in it, but being a passenger was definitely the experience of a lifetime.  President Trask is amazing, and was so welcoming, so that was really nice too.

The heat and humidity here are already ridiculous, so I guess I just better get used to it.  But I am so excited!!  I feel like I don't speak any Tagalog and I barely understand it, but that's ok.  I honestly am not even that nervous, I am just so excited and happy to be here.  I love it!!
Well, until whenever I next get to email, mahal ko kayo and have a great day!!
Sister Pectol

Breakfast was good, no idea what I ate!

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