Saturday, March 7, 2015

1 Month Mark & Travel Plans!


This week has been super fun.  We got snow at the beginning of the week, and it was so pretty!!  Sister Latham is from California and hates the snow, so I was making fun of her for it.  But it was super fun to see it on the mountains :)  I'm definitely going to miss the Utah mountains once I'm in the Philippines!

WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS!!!!  We will be leaving the MTC on the 19 at about 3am, and flying from Salt Lake to Oregon to Tokyo to Manila.  It's going to be such a long trip!!

It was fast and testimony meeting this past Sunday, which was really cool.  I was able to bear my testimony, and a bunch of people from the districts leaving did too.  It was an emotional testimony meeting!!  Our roommates and Elders Bray and Eyler are the ones that we got close to.  They're going to do so awesome, but I'm definitely going to miss them!!  The sisters in our room stayed up til past midnight finishing up packing, and we got up and helped them haul their luggage down from the 4th floor.  Sister Latham and I were soo tired the next day!!  

This is what our volleyball games look like :)  They're so much fun!!

We all have journals that we pass around for everyone to sign (kind of like a yearbook) and it's so fun to learn everyone's first names.  It's kind of weird though...I've gotten so used to being called "Sister Pectol" that first names just get confusing.  I mean, come on...who has first names these days??  :)  I was told that I look like a Payton though.  That doesn't really make sense to me...what does a Payton look like??  Is that a compliment...??  LOL

Me and Sister Latham were talking about some of the things that we were missing, and she went on about a cute pair of high heels that she couldn't wait to get home and wear.  I looked at her and said that I couldn't wait to get home and wear my cowgirl boots, and go horseback riding and shooting and playing in the mud....Talk about opposite personalities!!  It's been interesting for us to try and understand each other, but we've gotten so close, and have really been doing good at working as a team.

So, just to give you an idea of what some Tagalog words are like:  maaalaala means "will be abe to remember."  And that's just one of about 10 different ways to conjugate the root, alaala, depending on what the focus of the sentence needs to be.  Any wonder why I feel like it goes right over my head?!  Lol oh well, I'm learning to be patient with myself and trust in the Lord's timing.

We found out today that our solo elder will be getting released due to some medical stuff.  We kind of knew it was happening, but we are all so sad to see him go!!  We told him that he'd gained 8 sisters who supported and loved him and who hoped that everything will work out.

Sister Weston's mom sent her a letter this week, and called all us missionaries the "navy seals of the church."  It was so sweet!!  It was like a one-line pep talk.

I've had bad days and days when I've missed home, but this week I had my first really bad day of being just totally homesick.  James had given me a note before I left with the instructions not to open it until I had a rough day.  Well, that was a rough day, so I opened it, then just sat there and cried.  I literally have the best brother in the world, and just generally the best family.  It has been so hard for me to leave them, but I know I'm doing a good thing, so having a little note like that one are what makes it ok for me :)

Quote of the week:  "When you have done your very best, you may still experience disappointments, but you will not be disappointed in yourself."  (Preach My Gospel, p. 11)

Scripture of the week:  "Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace.  For I am with thee."  Acts 18:9-10

Mahal ko kayo!!

Sister Payton Pectol

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