Monday, September 7, 2015

We Don't Just Walk Around

Hi All!

As always, it's been a good week.  We did have an interesting experience that tested both mine and Sister Udarbe's patience though.  We've had an investigator that we haven't been able to contact and that has been hiding from us, and we finally saw her sitting outside a tindahan, so we stopped to talk to her.  She was busy so we couldn't teach, but she told us that we were lucky because all we do is walk around all day.  Luckily, I didn't understand what she said until we were walking away and Sister Udarbe translated for me.  She might have gotten a little bit of un-missionary-like sass from me if I did understand.  Me and Sister Udarbe ended up having an entire vent session to each other about everything we left behind to come and "walk around", and all that we deal with.  I think we definitely didn't feel very Christlike for a minute, but we did repent :)

My funny story this week is from our language test.  All the missionaries take language tests--the non-English speakers take English tests, and the non-Tagalog speakers take Tagalog tests.  We went to the mission office to take the test, and on the way back we got stuck in traffic.  Let me explain the situation: we were in a jeepney that was literally stuffed full of people, stuck at almost a standstill, in the heat of the afternoon.  It was not very pleasant lol.  I ended up falling asleep for part of the traffic part, and was having a really hard time waking up.  I have a little wire circle with cloth fan that I pulled out  of my bag to try to wake my brain up.  Well, the problem is that I wasn't completely alert, so when I pulled out my fan, it popped open and shot out of my hands, smacking some poor lady so hard on her neck I thought her head might fall off....oops.  After apologizing multiple times I think she forgave me, but I still felt bad.  I had been hoping to talk to people on the jeepney, but after that I thought I better not...

When I was doing one of my personal studies this week, I found my mission call in the scriptures!  D&C 79:1  Verily I say unto you, that it is my will that my servant [Payton Pectol] should go...into the eastern countries, from place to place, and from city to city, in the power of the ordination wherewith [she] has been ordained, proclaiming glad tidings of great joy, even the everlasting gospel.  Cool, right?  I had to smile when I read that.

One of the elders in our district said something that I thought was very powerful.  Testimony is knowing it, conversion is living it.  --Elder Natural.  It's so true.  When we understand a principle of the gospel, we have a testimony of it.  But it's not enough to have that testimony.  We have to act on it as well, and take those steps to show our faith and to really strengthen ourselves in the gospel.

Mahal ko kayo!!

Sister Pectol

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