Monday, November 9, 2015

HALFWAY! Kung Fu Chicken, Fireflies, and Stars

Hi everyone!!!

It has been another fantastic week here in Morong, and as of November 4, I am officially HALFWAY!  Definitely not trunky, but definitely excited to see everyone :)  the other sisters kept sticking notes and even gifts and a bite size cake on my desk...I thought it was my birthday lol.  It honestly is really shocking to me that I'm already halfway...I kind of feel like I just got here.

So this week, I got to see fireflies for the first time!  At first I thought my eyes were losing it when I saw a random tiny blinking light floating alongside the path, but it's been fun to see more of them when we're in the foresty parts after dark.
We also experienced cooked chicken coming back to life this week.  There's this really yummy  restaurant here called Mang Inasal that does rotisserie chicken, so when you get the chicken on the plate it's still on a stick.  Well, I was trying to get my chicken off it's BBQ stick so I could eat it, but it wasn't cooperating.  So I pushed a little bit harder, and out of NOWHERE my chicken came to life and shot off the stick and across the table, landing on Sister Mainit's plate and splashing soy sauce onto her and the table.  We stared at each other in shock for a split second, and then even though I really did feel terrible, I couldn't help but busting up laughing.  The other diners must have thought we were nuts; an American and a Filipina cracking up together, with soy sauce dripping off the Filipina and splashed across the table.  Oh the adventures we have!

I also experience what it feels like to have an affro this week.  I had my hair in a braid for our district conference, but because we mostly walk it's too hot, so it went back up into a ponytail to work.  And as we were walking, I could see in my shadow that my ponytail was literally an affro.  A big red fluffy affro.  Yay for humidity!

Alma 56:46  Behold our God is with us, and he will not suffer that we should fall.  I had another lesson taught to me this week about trusting in God.  Honestly, this area is difficult.  There are so many less active members here, and we've struggled with finding new investigators and getting them progressing.  But as we've walked to and from our last appointments in the evenings, I've reminded myself to look up.  I look up and I see the stars, and I feel the peace and the reassurance that Heavenly Father is just right here with us.  Even though I feel a lot of pressure to help this area and don't really know what I'm going to do, I know that He knows what it is that I need, and what it is that this area needs, and I know that He really is the one in control.

If I make this choice, what will happen?  --Elder Robert D. Hales
I love this because it's definitely something that's helped me here.  If I make the choice to open my mouth and talk to someone, what will happen?  They might end up accepting the gospel.  If I make the choice to not open my mouth because of fear of men, what will happen?  Those people that I pass might not ever hear about the gospel, and they won't be able to experience the joy and the peace that I get to experience.  We never know how much of a ripple effect our choices will have on those around us.
I miss and love you all!!  Ingat po palagi!
Sister Pectol

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