Sunday, November 15, 2015

Short on time & email issues

Payton wasn't able to get her general email to us this week.  Here are some comments from her reply to our weekly email to her.  She sounds good!

So let me just say it's a bit of a miracle I'm emailing right
now...the computer shop is packed, so it wasn't letting me email, even
though I could read.  I finally clicked the "load basic HTML" to get
it to work, but I don't have a lot of time.  We have a missionary
apostle meeting tomorrow which I am so excited for, but I have choir
practice at 12 at the mission office (and Morong is the farthest
area).  We tried to withdraw our support this morning but literally
all the ATMs are broken, so we were later than we'd hoped, so I'll
have only limited time today.

I love having four in the apartment; it's actually way more fun than only
two.  I planned to take pictures this week but that didn't happen, so
next week I will.  We're nowhere near the ocean, i think the only area
that is is Mindoro.  But Morong is the farthest area on the main
island.  Yes we have good places to shop; the mission has started
doing meal planning, so the companionships take turns planning and
cooking lunches. And the grocery store here is really nice too, so
it's all good.  It's a lot like at home, actually.  Yes, we're still
walking a lot. I always feel so tired by the end of the day, but then
every morning i'm ready to go again, so it's good.

I literally have no time to email, so I'm logging off
right now...I started a general email but then the dumb thing deleted
my draft :P so there will just be extra next week.  Please just let
everyone know that I love and miss them and even though there's no
update this week I'm doing good :)

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