Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Week of Miracles

Wow, I love missionary life!  

There are sometimes challenges, but they're only temporary, and we just keep seeing miracles.  We had an investigator who dropped us last transfer come to us and tell us he wanted to come back, we have found so many golden investigators who readily agreed to a baptismal date and are so magaling, and life is just amazing.

We had Marissa's baptism this week, and it was awesome!!  Her story is kind of cool too.  She had been taught for a long time already when I transferred here, so me and Sister Gasu decided it was time to drop her.  We decided to give her one more chance, and we went and told her that if she wasn't willing to put forth the effort to pray about the Book of Mormon and to know for herself that it was true, there was no point in us coming to visit her.  We scheduled a return appointment with her for a couple of days later, and when we followed up about her prayers, she said she knew it was true and that she needed to get baptized.  It was so amazing to be able to experience that.  We finished teaching her lessons, and she was so excited for her baptism, and so happy!  

Funny moments of the week.  If you remember, I had to help my Filipina companion cook rice.  Welp, now I'm helping her in Tagalog too XD  Not too much, because (as the Filipinos say it) I still have a nosebleed in Tagalog.  But she's fluent in English, so sometimes she doesn't know the Tagalog words for things.  It's really funny when I don't know a word, so I ask her, and then she doesn't know the word, and it's the investigator that helps us out XD  And of us four sisters living next to each other, 2 are Filipina, which means that they literally can't live without rice.  Literally.  I've started calling Sister Udarbe and Sister Maravillo the rice gang, because that's literally what they eat every meal haha.

My quote this week is actually from me and Sister Udarbe, because sometimes we're really funny XD
Sister Udarbe, after watching me trying to get tan:  You're like Lehi's fruit; white above all that is white.  You're the light of my life!!
Me:  I'm not the light of your life, I'm the reflector!!  I don't actually give off my own light, I just reflect the sun :P
Despite my best efforts to's not happening.

Mosiah 8:18  Thus God has provided a means that [His sister missionaries], through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore [they] become a great benefit to [their] fellow beings.  We are literally seeing miracles.  I completely understand now what it means to have a heart overflowing with gratitude.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Love from across the world!
Sister Pectol

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