Sunday, January 31, 2016

Emergency Transfer??! New Calling and New Area

This has been another great week, although
 very insane.  I received an unexpected call from President Revillo telling me that I was being emergency transferred to Antipolo and that he was calling me as a Sister Training Leader, with Sister Liguayan as my companion.  I was completely shocked, and it was so hard to leave Morong!!  I was really stressed to be called as an STL--not only do we do regular missionary work in our own area, but we also do exchanges with all the other sisters in our route and work in their area, and set an example in finding, teaching, planning, and obedience.  The STLs are the ones that do the workshops when there's missionary conferences, and if there is a sisters companionship that is having issues we're the ones they call to help them fix the problem.  So I was really freaking out my first day or two.  And I had my first exchange the day after I got here!  It's been a roller coaster of a week, but I am settling in and I am really excited to see what the rest of the transfer will bring me :)

We had a really exciting Saturday and Sunday here.  Saturday we were able to do a one day mission with the ward missionaries and a couple of the young men here.  All 4 of us sisters split, so I got to work with a couple of the members here.  We tracted the whole three hours, so it was kind of fun to watch them getting rejected over and over again.  That sounds mean, but sometimes that's what a missionary experiences everyday, so you've just gotta laugh and go along with it ;)  But we were able to find a couple of people that were willing to listen, so we set return appointments with them.  It was so fun to see how excited they were, and Sunday was just a continuation of it.  It was combined Sunday School, and it was missionary theme, so the four of us sisters were in charge.  Almost the entire ward was there, so we split them into big groups and had them practice giving pass-along cards.  It was so fun to see how excited they got, and was such a testimony to me of how easy it is for members to be involved in missionary work!

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.  --Moliere.  Sometimes the big obstacles we face seem absolutely unbeatable.  But we are never given anything that we can't handle, and when we finally can make it through, we'll be able to see how much we've truly grown.
2 Corinthians 5:7  For we walk by faith, not by sight.
Love and miss you all!  XOXO
Sister Pectol

Christmas finally made it to her!  Yay!  Nothing like getting more stuff to carry along on an unexpected transfer.

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